My paintings 2007 to 2013 (updated 28th July 2014).

Welcome to my web site, it contains a catalogue of my paintings since I retired in 2007.

I am a self taught artist and started in watercolour but have more recently used Acrylic paint, which is like oil paint but odour free. However, it dries quickly, sometimes too quickly, thats my excuse.

I started with landscape painting of Solihull, where I now live, and a variety of subjects that caught my eye in the news. In 2009 I tried portrait painting, using both models at my local art group, and photographs of more famous people. This has led to several portrait commissions, which I was pleased to undertake.

My subjects are many and varied although I do try to have a theme each year. I have no particular style of painting other than 'realism'. I paint what I see, which is all I can do with such limited talent.

You can see some of my work, listed by year on this website. Also I have left contact details, should you be tempted to let me paint a picture for you.


Richard Adams Jan 2011